Friday, November 1, 2013

Hoist Fitness Equipment - Honing Hamstrings Without a Hitch

When Hoist Fitness Equipment started to flex its muscles in 1977, they also raised the bar for other manufacturers. Today this dynamic San Diego company still stands out as one of the front runners in the industry.Not only do they offer innovative lines for gyms, but the Hoist fitness equipment range for home use, has become the number one choice of many fitness fanatics. Add to this their wheelchair-friendly line, and the KL fitness circuit for kids, and you have to conclude that Hoist is a gym equipment giant. Their bench-mark is precision building, and advanced engineering.The wheelchair-accessible H-480 Single Stack Access Trainer is testament to the creativity and design excellence behind Hoist fitness equipment. Any upper body exercise can be done with safety and confidence. The manual included is informative and detailed.As with other Hoist fitness equipment, all the exercises are done at the front of this space-efficient machine, enabling wall mounting. The Access offers a total body workout, yet the size of the footprint makes it one of the smallest gyms available. The Access trainer converts to able-bodied mode with one pull pin adjustment.The Access trainer has been created by Hoist fitness equipment, as the ultimate solution to making a strength-building gym experience available to a wider spectrum of people.There is a growing awareness of the importance of acquiring healthy habits from an early age. Childhood obesity due to inactivity, can no longer be ignored. The manufacturers of Hoist fitness equipment shared this concern, and developed the impressive KL Children's Fitness product line.Through careful innovative design, the range imitates the natural patterns of play and movement. The KL line capitalizes on children's natural affinity for running, jumping, and jungle gym activities. Unique bio-mechanical motions create terrific fun, while subtly targeting muscle groups.The nine piece Hoist fitness equipment KL circuit include an abdominal bench, hip extension press, leg press, shoulder press, squat press, seated dip, seated row, pull up, and chest press.Discovering the V5 Multi Gym, will keep you at home, exercising! This single-stack home gym is one of the best and most varied available. This design by Hoist fitness equipment, gives you a workout that includes hard-to-reach muscle groups, often neglected with other systems.The leg curl station can also be adjusted for leg extension exercises. The 4-D articulating press arm allows for a variety of movements. You also have access to variations such as a chest press, lat pulldown, leg press, and a chest-high cable for core strengthening exercises.Hoist fitness equipment is known for its versatility. In this instance, you have various options, such as adding a VLP Leg Press station.The H-4600-HS Multi Stack Gym is another versatile, commercial quality line in the Hoist Fitness Equipment range, suitable for homes and smaller outfits. The trademarked Silent Steel weight stacks, ensure smooth and quiet operation.A variety of optional extras are available, promising even greater comfort and effectiveness. An example is the bicep curl station, with changeable handgrip positions for isolating different muscle groups. An optional weight stack enclosure, adds an element of safety.The Hoist fitness equipment Freeweights range offers a choice of dumbbells, benches, racks, and cages.The dumbbell line includes the Quick Change Dumbbell System, with a SGMA award behind its name. In line with the Hoist fitness equipment tradition, this is an extremely cost-effective and space-saving piece. Among the freeweight options, you have access to a Leg Extension / Leg Curl machine, or the Abdominal / Back Extension unit.A variety of racks are available, including the HF-477 Short Vertical Dumbbell Stand, which holds 5 pairs of dumbbells. No assembly is needed. The charcoal powdercoat finish is similar to the multi stack and multi gym lines of Hoist fitness equipment.Benches include the HF-167 Folding Flat / Incline Bench, also a hugely popular space-saving design. Another option is the HF-663 45 Degree Back Hyperextension bench. A large foot plate, and 4 adjustable positions are some of its features. The thigh brace can be adjusted to make provision for taller users.New products include the lightweight Adjustable Ab / Back Hyper Bench. This dual-purpose, robust item has self-aligning roller pads, and is comfortable to use, irrespective of your fitness level or height. It folds flat for easy storage. In the same category of Hoist fitness equipment, you will find the Flat / Incline / Decline Bench with seven adjustments, convenient wheels, and an adjustable seat.The background of the pioneering Hoist fitness equipment team, includes experience in running a fitness center. This explains why they have such an in depth understanding of the industry, and customer preferences. With such knowledgeable support behind you, any fitness goal should be within easy reach.