Sunday, November 3, 2013

Almonds and Weightloss

The Almond Board of California did a study on individuals who eat almonds regularly. The study showed the individuals that ate almonds tended to gain less weight due to the high magnesium and vitamin E contend of almonds.Research found that the daily consumption of almonds not only helped individuals feel full, but they also caused a decrease in carbohydrates consumed.I know that we have heard that nuts are very high in fat. This is true mainly for peanuts, but the benefits of eating nuts especially almonds outweigh the fear of consuming to much fat. Almonds are also high in fiber and research shows that because of this, fats aren't as readily absorbed.According to the study, eating one to three ounces of almonds daily helps lower LDL cholesterol levels and doesn't contribute to weight gain.Most Americans don't get enough magnesium and vitamin E in their diet. Eating almonds daily helps to correct this deficiency. They are also a great source of protein.You can eat nuts by the handful or they can also be added to salads, cottage cheese, cereal, and eaten with a serving of fruit or vegetables.A lot of nutritionists don't like to suggest eating nuts for snacks because of their fat content, but as long as one doesn't eat a lot (not more than a small handful daily) it is very beneficial and out weighs the fear of consuming too much fat. However, peanuts are very laden with fat and these should be limited.Enjoy!