Sunday, November 3, 2013

Top 5 Attitudes To Weightloss Success

(1) Switch from 'willpower' to 'self-control'. An example of willpower is drooling in front of the baker's shop window and resolving not to buy your favorite cake. Self control consist of sending someone else to buy your bread while you shop in safer zones.(2) Lose your body hang-ups. Meaning you should start seeing yourself as a worthwhile person who can cope with changes in mood and diet breaking. A failed dieter should ask themselves if they really want to become slim or if, psychologically, you have fears of changing your shape and lifestyle. The habit of eating in response to a blue mood is a difficult one to break, so be prepared to do something about it before it inevitably happens.(3) Your attitudes to others can make dieting easier. Work at making friends, try to understand their reactions to your new figure and learn to be assertive in all of your relationships. Avoid putting yourself in situations where resentments about other people can build up; and, above all, learn to stop using other people as an excuse for diet-breaking.(4) Success means change and the loss of an excuse for delaying positive acts. Start rewarding yourself for small successes so that the road to your goal does not seem endless.The biggest potential setback to any diet is the day you break it and therefore it is essential to counteract your negative feelings of failure with some really positive thinking.(5) Change your attitude to food. Make it simple for yourself. Concentrate first on resisting the calories you will not really miss, then tackle the harder task of cutting down on your favorite foods, which could damage your diet. Some foods are so dangerous that you will need to take special action against them. Remember that it is not only what you eat but also how you eat it that matters and determines the degree of success of your dieting, so learn some of the rules of eating behavior.ConclusionSlimming is not easy and most of us can find dozens of reasons why it is impossible to diet during any single day. Most of these excuses must be analyzed and rejected if you are to succeed. However, a genuine few can be accepted - and should be from time to time. These excuses should be allowed, for guilt and regret are often the most destructive forces in dieting. The wrong attitudes to dieting arise from letting what you weigh govern what you say and what you do. They can stop you getting your ideal figure and staying slim, so make sure you lose them.