Sunday, November 3, 2013

Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss - 3 Do's and Don't's of Effortless Weightloss

Subliminal messages for weight loss allow you to use the full power of your mind to lose weight. Your mind is like an iceberg, the conscious is the 10% above water. The subconscious is the powerful structure underneath the surface. Your effort to lose weight is only the tip of the iceberg, the restless struggle against the bottom of the iceberg is what tires most people out. Imagine how fast and easily you could lose weight if the rest of the 90% of your mind (which works effortlessly) worked on losing weight also. Subliminal messages for weight loss can turn your subconscious into a steam engine for losing weight. The best part of using your subconscious to lose weight is that its effortless! Getting your subconscious on board with your goal of weight loss is like taking a jet to a lean and healthy you. To get it on board then follow these do's and don't's of subliminal weight loss.How to use these types of CD's for weight loss1. DO use subliminal message CD's everyday.
If you want your subconscious mind to work on losing weight like a song stuck in your head then you have to use the CD's regularly (and don't worry, nothing is going to be stuck in your head). Listening to them everyday will give your conscious mind the subconscious resources to lose weight fast. 2. DO your part (about 10% of the job)
You must do your part in losing weight. That means you should learn what foods to eat and not eat. Gaining this knowledge will incredibly boost the usefulness of the subliminal messages. Make sure to exercise regularly, at least 3-5 times a week (check with the doctor first).3. DO only picture yourself the way you want to look
Hypnotists and Neuro-Linguistic Programming experts agree that mental images are the language of the subconscious. Picturing yourself the way you want to be, as well as feeling good about that image will tell your subconscious to follow the subliminal messages for weight loss. How to not have results1. DON'T use subliminal CD's without conscious effort
Listening to these CD's will get you results extremely fast only if you are making a conscious effort to reach your goal already. If you make no effort at all then your subconscious will not respond well.2. DON'T eat everything in sight
The subconscious is incredible! If you use subliminal messages to tell your subconscious to lose weight then it will subconsciously guide you to better food choices. Consciously try to eat good whole foods rather than junk food. Always maintain your original conscious effort to lose weight, this will also boost the effectiveness of the subliminal messages.3. DON'T stop listen the CD's a couple times then quit
Don't give up on your goal of losing weight. Likewise, don't give up on using the CD's. There are many battles in the war for your weight loss, giving up on using your subliminal CD's is like giving up battles in the war. Keep going, you will get there a lot faster than without using subliminal messages for weight loss. Start using your subliminal message CD's now and everyday to reach your goals.