Sunday, November 3, 2013

Is Fasting A Good Idea?

Another female on another diet, yada, yada, yada... But does fasting work as a tool for weightloss?We females need calories, protein, iron and calcium, it has been like that since the dawn of time. But depending on our age we may need more of one than another, especially at given points throughout our lives. Fasting, especially for a female during adolescence can prove disastrous for a long and healthy life and will not contribute to healthy, sustainable weightloss.We need protein, vitamins and minerals 24 hours a day, so under no circumstance would I ever suggest that fasting would be or could be good for you. Of course though, I am not a doctor or a nutritionist, so recommend that if you are considering fasting or for that matter trying any diet, always consult a professional first.What fasting actually does though, is trick the mind and body into thinking that some kind of famine or starvation is occurring, so your natural survival instinct kicks in and slows your metabolism. In turn your body then burns fewer calories so that you will survive on your reserves of stored fat.Think about this though for a minute... 'your body burns fewer calories', well as we know, the key to weightloss is burning calories. So what your body is actually trying to do is keep its equilibrium. If are thinking or considering fasting for weightloss, then do not do it! You will be at odds with your own body, it just doesn't make sense..It has been reported in many cases lower your blood pressure, lower your body temperature and you may feel as though your tongue is 'coated'. The blood pressure and body temperature lowering is great if you need them lowering but in many cases it can be very dangerous.It is also said by some quarters that fasting is 'therapeutic', all I know is that if a human being doesn't consume enough calories on a regular basis, enough that is, to sustain essential body functions e.g. (the heart beating, the lungs breathing etc), the body will then start to draw on its own reserves to provide the energy it requires. This is when the brain does not distinguish between fat or muscle, it just takes what it needs from wherever it can get it.Of course some religious beliefs promote a period of fasting, sometimes up to several days. If this is the case for you then just make sure that you drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.In a nutshell, my opinion is.... if you ARE going to fast, only do it for a maximum of 24 hours, then eat healthily for another 48 before fasting again, in my opinion that is the way to keep a you in top condition.The old saying goes 'everything in moderation' well, I agree, a balanced sensible way of looking after our bodies is the way to go whatever your age and current state of health.