Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weightloss - How Drinking Water Helps Weight to Come Off

Water plays a vital role in weight control from helping the digestive system work better to helping you achieve a sense of fullness after eating. Our bodies are composed of more than 66% water. We are constantly losing water from our bodies due to breathing, activity, and excretion of wastes. If we do not take in enough water every day, we will become dehydrated. Our bodies do not function as well when they are drier than normal. Many systems of the body suffer during dehydration, from digestion, to immunity, to weight gain. It is amazing to realize that you are already slightly dehydrated if you feel thirsty.In order to take in sufficient water to help with weight-loss, start your day off with drinking a cool glass of water as soon as you wake up. This starts the replacement of water allowing your digestive hormones & enzymes to start flowing & helping your body to work better. More calories will be burned if you drink ice cold water. Digestion is improved with ample water intake and enables more nutrients to be obtained from the food.The recommended amount of water is 8 - 12 glasses (8oz) per day. Drink your second one before you eat breakfast. This will help you feel full & satisfied more quickly and decrease your chances of over eating. This continues on with drinking your third glass of water during the meal by taking sips after each morsel. This will help the food to settle and begin the process of digestion faster. More nutrients can be removed from food when we are well hydrated.Continue your water intake this way the rest of your day. If you want variety, you can make sugar-free lemon-aid with lemon juice and Stevia noncaloric sweetener. Also you can drink herbal teas to change up the taste. Herbal teas have many benefits for your health as well. Stay away from high calorie alcohols, sodas and juices. Diet soda is better than sugary soda, but definitely not as good for you as water. Sugar-free drink mixes (like Crystal Light) can be used to flavor the water for another variation.Additional water can be obtained by eating fruits and vegetables which are mostly composed of water. Tomatoes and watermelons are approximately 90-95% water. Watermelon does have moderate sugar content, so enjoy it in moderation. Grapes have 65-75% water content but again watch out for the sugar content.If you feel hungry and want a snack, drink a glass of water first. Often thirst is mistaken for hunger when we are slightly dehydrated. You will drop weight faster, the more water you drink within reason. Water is the perfect nutrient for your body to keep it working properly and to help you to feel energized. Tiredness is linked to dehydration as well as lack of rest.