Sunday, November 3, 2013

Permanent Weightloss - This Rule Works!

Nowadays people are so confused about what to eat and which exercises to do as there are so many different options out there.Lots of which state different things from the other so the problem is who is right?Well in the end I think it's what works for you is right and it is wrong for people to waste energy speaking negativity about another diet or fitness routine.I have always tried to stay focused on what I do because I know that it works and that is the main thing. It's all about results!So let's get on the topic of diet and what to eat. When lots of people here the word "diet" they cringe as they know what some people have put themselves through with starvation and struggle to get the results they desire. Long lasting weightloss is a very slim chance using that poor method.I am a big one for a healthy balance in life but you still have to be disciplined and I think that is where most people slip up.So here is a quick tip for you to go by with rather than complicating things in what to eat for healthy weightloss.Let me just mention that when I say weightloss it's all about burning fat.An Easy 1 Ingredient RuleThis has to be one of the easiest ways of eating healthy with the 1 ingredient rule. So let me quickly explain for you.Let's say I have a bought a loaf of white bread from my local shop. Ask yourself this, how many ingredient does it take to make this bread I have bought? 6 ingredients? Maybe 8?Now try this one. I walk into my local shop and buy some fresh Broccoli. How many ingredient has been processed to make this broccoli? Yep you guessed it 1!Do you see what I mean now about the one ingredient rule? So next time you go shopping remember what I said about the 1 ingredient rule and see for yourself the difference in the way of eating for a healthier lifestyle.The important thing is to know what's going into your food that you are eating, and by just being aware of this you will for sure surprise yourself.Reading my simple eating rule above and all the diet and fitness books is not enough for you achieving what goal you want.The most important factor which I see most people fail in is you need to take action! Otherwise it is useless information without action.