Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weightloss Strategy - 7 Simple Steps For Building Your Fitness Blueprint

Weightloss is not achieved in leaps, but in steps. Create your own blueprint for fitness success by implementing the following 7 simple steps.1. Have a PlanThe most successful people in business have a plan. Why is this any different when it comes to your exercise and nutrition strategy. You will be most successful if you write down your plan. Determine what will be your workout schedule. What will be the types of exercise you will do and for how many minutes. Will you be exercising at the gym, your home, or the park.When it comes to your nutrition, plan your meals on a calendar. This will be your meal planner. Next, create shopping lists for added structure. It's always best to have ready made snacks in the refrigerator - fruit, crunchy vegetables, and lean meat protein are some of my favorites.Make room in your plan for missteps. I'm emphasizing balance here. There will be times when an evening out sidetracks you from your goal. Just ensure you know to get back to your position of strength at the next meal.2. Create SystemsAnyone could run my friend Jennifer's household. Why? Because she has a system. She has created a system to operate the entertainment center by laminating all the steps for programming, and it is located next to the television remote. Another system she created is for her daughter's dinner/bath/bedtime routine. It, too, is laminated and posted in the kitchen. There is no guessing. These are good examples of tested systems. Her husband, mother or a babysitter could walk in and take over. This is very relevant to a successful weightloss strategy.If you have a systematic workout routine and your snacks and meals are thoughtfully planned and executed then the rate of your success is much higher than if you had simply created a plan and dashed off in the dark with hopes of following through. For example, you can put out your clothes the night before and set your alarm. When the alarm goes off you get on your clothes and go to your designated workout area to start with exercise number one.Regarding nutrition, you could have your weekly shopping list generated in a word document so you can find it easily and/or need to change it. The shopping list would contain the ingredients that will make the meals on your meal planner. Instead of leaving your grocery shopping until a time when you can fit it into your week, commit to doing it the same day each week. If you can designate that chore, do so!3. Get Out the DoorMost days my clients don't wake up with a smile saying, "Wow! I am so excited to go and exercise first thing this morning." But what I employ is the 5 minute rule. My clients have to get out the door and begin with 5 minutes of exercise. After 5 minutes they usually find that they can go 5 more and then soon the workout is completed. Try that tactic. You will feel great from all the endorphins that were lacking before started.4. Trash the JunkThere are many temptations facing us in our culture today. We have to be mindful that removing those temptations establishes a greater opportunity for more blessings to flow our way. The same goes for poor food choices. If there are bad choices in the pantry then we are tempted to grab for the chips or ice cream. Poor food choices include processed foods like chips, fries and sugary cereals. By cutting out junk choices there are more room for the nutritious foods.5. Enlist a FriendIt's important to have a non-judgmental friend to be the cheerleader in your corner - a person who can hold your feet to the fire. It could be a workout buddy or just someone you call and confide in regarding your regular progress. I can't underscore the power of a buddy enough.6. Create a Measuring ToolI like to use body fat measurement. However, a scale can just as easily be used to measure progress.7. Write It DownJournaling is proven to be one of the top tools to keep people connected to their exercise and nutrition plan. Each day there should be an entry for the type and duration of exercise. Just as important, you should log food intake. It is amazing what you eat if you actually log it. By glancing over the journal at a time when you are unmotivated or feel like the wheels are coming off you will find renewed strength from your past success so that you can continue to move forward.Bonus Tip: Create a Reward SystemEstablishing rewards to mark milestones in fat loss is powerful. The key is to make the reward significant enough to matter. I strongly discourage food items as a reward. Instead, think of a movie that you're looking forward to viewing. Or, a night out with your girlfriends. Buy the movie coupons ahead of time and post them on your bathroom mirror as a reminder.