Sunday, November 3, 2013

Fast Healthy Weightloss - Fat Loss Secrets Exposed

Clenbuterol is quite a common drug used in weight loss treatments and while it is very effective it does have some serious side effects; particularly for dieters and sports people who take it without checking with their doctor first. If you are considering using this as a weight loss treatment then you need to look at a few of the facts first before you even speak to your doctor. To date, the United States federal Drug Administration has refused to grant its use on its citizens even though it is easily obtained in most other countries.Clenbuterol was initially found to be a good treatment for people with breathing conditions; but it is only relatively recently that the weight loss properties have been discovered by athletes who also found that it helped the formation of muscle as well. The effect that is demonstrated by its use is more reminiscent on ephedra than a typical steroid. Clenbuterol works by increasing the metabolic rate of the user and increasing the blood flow around the body thereby burning off fat quicker.Eliminating as much body fat as possible in order to improve the effectiveness of muscles is every athletes dream but to do this it has to affect certain hormones like adrenalin, dopamine and noradrenalin. This then is a strong drug which experts say should only be given by a medical professional in what they term a pyramid fashion i.e. a gradual increase in the dosage. A person using it as a weight loss treatment should be aware that they may end up suffering with terrible headaches, shakes and also have insomnia as well.Furthermore, the fat burning effect only appears for three or four weeks after which the body enters a stagnation period and this is why those who take Clenbuterol to treat obesity make a pause of a month or so before starting another cycle. Although it may be popular, it is rarely promoted by doctors or other dietary specialist as it is considered harmful. The purpose of knowing the side-effects is not just to warn a person away from using this drug but if they are set on using it they can guard against the side-effects.One thing is for sure Clenbuterol weight loss treatment is not completely out of the scene yet, particularly since there are countries where it is still used. If people took their physical well-being more seriously by eating healthily and took regular exercise, there would be no need to use drugs that have serious side-effects. The easy option is rarely the healthiest and anyone considering using the drug should think very carefully about it.