Friday, November 1, 2013

Cybex Fitness Equipment - Brilliant Body-Sculpting

If your exercise mantra is 'I'll start tomorrow', Cybex fitness equipment will give you the push you need! This state of the art range is such a pleasure to use, that procrastination becomes a thing of the past.Cybex is synonymous with innovation, quality and safety. The advanced technology used in Cybex fitness equipment gives superior results. You will reach peak condition in double-quick time.Cybex fitness equipment includes devices for cardiovascular exercise, as well as strength training. Whether at home or at the gym, you can be sure of a total body workout with Cybex. The company's years of experience gives it an edge as far as understanding both the buyer, and the end user of the equipment.Give your heart and lungs a go with one of the Arc Trainers, treadmills, steppers, or cycles. Develop well-defined muscles with the strength range of Cybex fitness equipment, which includes lines such as the Eagle, VR, Free Weight, MG 500 Multi-Gym, and FT 360 Functional Trainer.Although the Cybex fitness equipment range emphasizes commercial quality, the Trotter Elite is targeted at the runner or walker preferring a treadmill suitable for home use.This prize piece isn't only great to put to the test, but will also complement your decor. Even a first-time user of Cybex fitness equipment will be hooked, as all the programs allow for easy adjustment to your personal fitness level. A varied set of programs prevent you from becoming bored. The live keyboard enables you to change to another program at any time.On the commercial side of the Cybex fitness equipment range, the powerful LCX-425T Treadmill is a space-saving option. This treadmill sports a good-sized running surface with excellent shock-absorbing deck suspension, ensuring maximum stride-stability. It is a low-maintenance device, with a solid warranty.Programming and speed control are outstanding. All the programs utilised in Cybex fitness equipment are designed to maintain interest and motivation. Ten exercise levels are offered, and provision is made for incline and resistance training.This is truly a luxurious treadmill to use. Apart from offering superb comfort, it comes with all the convenient add-ons such as a bottle holder, magazine rack, and cd-player holder.Another of the Cybex fitness equipment devices specifically targeting outfits with limited space, is the MG 500 Multi-Gym. Among other features, it offers an angled back pad that ensures a crunch with extra punch. This slight extension adds to the effectiveness of the workout.The Arc Trainer and Total Body Arc Trainer both increase the effectiveness of your exercise routine with Cybex fitness equipment, by featuring a wide range of resistance. The Arc Trainer has been given the Nova7 Award for 2004 and 2005.The VR3 in the strength line, brandishes enough customized options to satisfy even the most demanding client. This is one of the flagships of the Cybex fitness equipment range. The small footprint makes it an attractive option for any fitness center. The Smart Adjust System ensures effortless positioning of the input pads on the Leg Extension and Seated Leg Curl.The Cyclone Upright Cycle is another example of the outstanding quality of Cybex fitness equipment. The programs have been compiled with ease of use and variety in mind. And the oh-so-important details of a magazine rack, utility tray, and water bottle holder haven't been forgotten.The Recumbent Cycle allows you to focus more on the hamstring and gluteus muscles, while the upright targets the quadricep muscles. It offers both Contact and Polar heart rate monitoring. This quality product features low drag and high power capability through the Eddy current brake with brushless internal generator.Both cycle versions sport pedals with extra wide straps, and wheels for easy rolling. A heavy duty mountain bike type crank ensures durability, a quality for which Cybex fitness equipment is known. On the practical side, there is the well-designed seat shaped to conform to the user. Apart from the standard white and black, the cycles are available in platinum sparkle, and metaltone gold.The Cybex fitness equipment range is low-maintenance and quiet. The need for supervision is minimized by including instruction placards where necessary. Years of experience in design, has led to small footprints which facilitate efficient use of space. Extensive warranties accompany all the lines.The Heart Rate Control Programs in most of the lines, enable you to maintain your targeted heart rate while exercising. Contact and Polar capability is offered. With some of the devices, you have access to color coded feedback of your heart rate.Cybex fitness equipment has received many accolades for design excellence. The Cybex Tazer piece aimed at the growing number of active older adults, has been singled out for one of these awards. More than a dozen entertaining programs address the full range of movement skills, increasing strength, balance, cardiovascular fitness, and suppleness. Immediate biofeedback makes it easy to keep track of progress.No workout is possible without the right apparel. If you are a Cybex fitness equipment fan, you can dress the part with a range of clothing sporting the Cybex logo. The line of apparel has been designed to keep you cool, while looking hot! Choose t-shirts, workout shorts, structured caps, and polycarbonate water bottles to suit your style.It won't be surprising if you have a sneaking suspicion that Cybex somehow knows your body better than you know it yourself! You will discover potential you never knew you had!Whether you are just starting out, or are an old gym hand, Cybex fitness equipment will spice up your exercise routine, and motivate you to go for that rippling six-pack.