Friday, November 1, 2013

Part 4 - The Road to Fitness Success - Guarantee Results Through Action!

Only through action will you achieve your fitness, health and physique goals.* Just thinking about it won't work.
* Just wanting it won't work.
* Just learning about it won't work.Only doing it will work.Up until this point you have cultivated a burning desire and learned how to make informed decisions about fitness products... it is now time to put your plan into action!Do Not Become... A Workout CollectorI know people who collect workouts.They scour the web printing off every free workout they can get their hands on, they buy product after product because the marketing was enticing and they have an impressive library of workout books.Unfortunately, collecting workouts will have zero positive effect in bringing you closer to your goals.Only the physical training you do as a result of the fitness product will bring you closer to your goals.You Must Become... A Physical Training PractitionerIf you have done everything correctly so far, you have a burning, secret desire that can only be satisfied by success as well as the knowledge to make an informed decision about the fitness product right for you... so pick one and get started.Formulate your secret plan and put it into action.You will improve and succeed as a result of the time and effort spent actually doing what the fitness product says.And remember... you are putting in the time and effort now for results you will see later.Be patient.You Never Fail... You Only LearnYour physical training is a learning experience... so be prepared to make changes. If the fitness product you choose does not get the results you want... you did not fail.You learned what does not work for you!Use this knowledge when choosing another fitness product... one with a different approach.If the fitness product you choose only takes you so far... you did not fail.You learned about a certain type of physical training and the reaction your body has to it!Use this knowledge when choosing another fitness product... one with a similar approach.If you got everything you want from the fitness product but feel like you need a change... you did not fail.You learned what works for you!Use this knowledge when choosing another fitness product... now you know what to look for.Never Give Up!Once you start... don't stop.Keep at it consistently enough to be able to make an honest assessment of the fitness product you are using.If you decide it is not working for you... don't just give up.Figure out why it was not working for you and look for a fitness product to help you move forward.Assessment, modification and change are forms of action.Never just throw your hands in the air and say, "I'm never going to be fit, healthy and attractive."You will, you just have to find the fitness product right for you... and the more experience you have the easier the search becomes.Keep wanting, learning and applying until you get what you want!After all... you can not fail when failure ceases to be an option.Success comes from doing... so be a doer!There is no excuse that cannot be overcome if the desire is great enough.ConclusionNow YOU know the secret to fitness success... and the responsibility to use it falls solely on your shoulders.Take the responsibility, fuel your secret desire to be the best you can be (and better than others), choose fitness products wisely that are already getting spectacular results and act.The road to fitness success is clear... but it still is a road you must choose to travel!I wish fitness success.