Friday, November 1, 2013

Instead of Buying a 24 Hour Fitness Center Membership

The 24 hour fitness center craze caused a wave in the United States. With the growing amount of working professionals, as well as increased demand upon schedules due to international business and competition, Americans needed access to fitness centers at all various hours of the day and evening. Fitness enthusiasts were suddenly working day shifts, and frustrated due to the fact that gyms weren't open when they were available to work out late in the evening. The opening of the first 24 hour fitness center caused a chain of them to jump up all over the country due to the sudden high demand brought about by their availability. The 24 hour fitness center even allowed red eye passengers to work out after a long business trip if they needed to.What if you could get the benefit of a 24 hour fitness center without actually going to one? Most people, myself included, became addicted to the 24 hour fitness centers. It is where a great deal of Americans have their first productive and positive fitness experiences, as well as make the most gains from their efforts. However, the truth is that these experiences are simply due to the mechanics of the machines within 24 hour fitness centers, which can be duplicated through other means.You can have amazing and wonderful gains outside of 24 hour fitness centers as well. While a 24 hour fitness center may be a good thing to have at your disposal, it is not the only way for you to find fitness success. In fact, using conditioning techniques and methods utilized by the Armed Forces, as well as martial arts instructors, you can bring strength and tone to muscles that you never even knew that you had.Basic Training for the United States Armed Forces requires no weight training at all! That's right, the United States Military uses only cardiovascular activities, such as running and calisthenics, and body training, such as push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. They manage to transform and out-of-shape human being into a fit and trim soldier in a matter of 12 - 18 weeks, all without a 24 hour fitness center!While it may be hard for you to believe, you are the only tool that you need Your body-weight can be used to put up plenty of resistance for exercises that you can do for almost every muscle in the human body, all with the same affect as training in a 24 hour fitness center. While it may be necessary for you to use some dumbbells for a handful of the exercises, you can still achieve the majority of your gains without any weights at all. The same combat training techniques used by the armed forces can change your body right before your eyes, from the comfort of your own home.You are your own 24 hour fitness center! You will be able to do many variation of push-ups to work the upper, center, and lower pectoral region. You can also do vertical push-ups to build your shoulder strength. Chair dips can be used to tone and strengthen your triceps, while leg-raises can assist with you abdominal region. More abdominal and leg exercises can be used such as lunges, scissor kicks, crunches, reverse-crunches, bicycle-kicks, and traditional sit-ups. Eight count body builders were always one of my favorite combination exercises! All of these without a 24 hour fitness center...Your imagination is your own 24 hour fitness center limitation. You can still use your 24 hour fitness center when you can, but don't limit yourself by not working out because you're stuck at the house. You can use back-packs filled with books as a weight for curls and even tricep kick-backs. I have even used water bottles in a bag to give some extra weight. Little diamond push-ups will give your chest and triceps a workout that you won't forget, and stair calf-raises can give your legs that extra strength that you were looking for. Don't forget to use the backpack in conjunction with the calf raises and squats!24 hour fitness centers are only a tool, but not the only tool. You can truly find your own 24 hour fitness center by utilizing a combination of your actual 24 hour fitness center, and your virtual 24 hour fitness center created by your own imagination, with your body, and the privacy of your own home. Don't limit yourself by sticking only to the mainstream techniques that are marketed to you. The United States Military sure doesn't! There are no 24 hour fitness centers in the field of combat, and American Soldiers are some of the finest specimens of fitness in the world today. Make your dreams come true by creating your own virtual 24 hour fitness center today.