Friday, November 1, 2013

Fitness Model Diet - Top 5 Foods in Fitness Model Diet

Fitness Model Diet, what does it look like and how does it differ from your diet list? We all think that these people found some kind of secret diet plan that made them lose so much Weight that brought them to success but in fact its just an ordinary food that you can buy at your local grocery store. There is no fancy trick or strategy, all you have to do is blend them in your diet plan and you have a Fitness Model Diet.Be it a Fitness Model or a Model, there is one thing they all have in common and that is their Diet. The Method is to feel full and to satisfy hunger in every meal without gaining too much fat and cholesterol. Whether its vegetables or fruits, it all breaks down to one thing and that is to absorb more Protein to increase metabolism that would help you burn more Calories while working out w/out feeling hungry all the time. Fitness model diet concentrates more on protein than carbs, as protein plays an important role in dieting while carbohydrates may sabotage your diet plan if you can't control its intake.Fitness Model Diet is not so complicated as you may think and if you are serious in dropping extra pounds you may want to apply these diet plans to your vocabulary. Fitness Models are human too and they love to eat just like us but in a form of what they call clean eating. However you search it and whatever you may find, Fitness Model Diet Plan are all broken down and contains these Top 5 High protein foods.Fitness Model Diet breakfast: Egg whites, not only their are easy to prepare be it omelet or poach. It also contains high protein, cholesterol free with high nutritional value. Fitness models admits that egg whites in the morning helps them push more workouts as they are heavy in vitamins and light in the stomach.Fitness Model Diet lunch: Protein Shake, always associate your lunch with it. Taking protein shake before your lunch helps ease the big cravings and results in less appetite for food. Protein shake plays a big role in Fitness Models Diet and none of them today made it to success if not for these food.Fitness Model Diet snack: Instead of burger and fries, try Almonds. Almonds contains high amount of protein that helps build muscle and lowers your cholesterol and make you feel full. The next time you crave for a snack, buy a pack of almonds instead of oily potato chips, you can also add them to your protein shake or morning cereal.Fitness Model Diet dinner: Steamed Fish, is the most favorite of all in Female fitness model diet. Lunch decides your faith in dieting, so a big munch on fish helps you last the whole night without that guilty feeling. Fish contains good fat source and high protein essential for the healthy growth and maintenance of muscles and body tissues plus it reduces blood cholesterol.Water: Fitness Models admit that water is the number one in their Diet Plan, it helps them cut calories and decrease their appetite. They drink as much as a gallon of water a day to replace the bad habit of drinking sodas, coffee and other beverages that contains sugar.In my deep research of an effective diet, this site has the most Complete Diet plan that I found - Fitness Model Diet