Friday, November 1, 2013

Corporate Fitness Programs

A healthy mind and body helps in better performance at work. Fitness is an integral part of work life. Companies are constantly striving to inculcate fitness into the lives of their employees. They have realized the fact that a fit mind and body can enable employees to deal effectively in stressful situations and give a better performance in their routine work. In case the employee's work involves physical tasks, fitness is of prime importance.Employees who are ill are more susceptible to injuries and diseases. Statistical studies in the area of employee fitness have proved the importance of a fitness regime. Fitness programs ensure increased productivity and less absenteeism. It has also been noted that it reduces health costs considerably.Many companies have opted for corporate fitness program that ensure good health of their employees. These programs first evaluate the fitness scenario through surveys that are conducted in the company. Then plans are chalked out for individual employees. Some companies have in-house fitness centers or gyms to facilitate easier accessibility to employees. Others arrange for corporate membership with fitness club that maybe located near the office premises.Group exercises can be undertaken by all the employees together. These could include aerobic exercises or other cardiovascular workouts. Specialty classes for adult groups or pregnant women are also organized as a part of corporate fitness programs. There are special facilities offered to corporate members and their families to ensure total health care and not just an exercise regime. Medical professionals are available at these centers for immediate attention in case of injury. Exercise programs are customized as per employee specific needs. They also suggest dietary plans in case of weight loss programs.Companies are realizing the importance of employee fitness. These fitness programs help companies control or reduce employee turnover and ensure positive returns on human resource investments. Investment in corporate fitness programs has long-term returns for companies.