Thursday, October 31, 2013

Your Health Goals Are In Reach

I feel blessed to have had the chance to create health and wellness in my life, after years of battling disease. I have studied natural health for many years, as a way of managing lupus/SLE. In 1995 I began coaching others to greater health and I have developed some beliefs along the way.Here are two of my beliefs on creating more wellness into your life. One is to focus on the health goal and the other is that health is a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance. It does not do permanent good to support one area of health, without exploring how you can support the others.One: Focus on the health goalMost of us have areas of our health that we would like to improve, even if we do not have a dis-ease. If dis-ease has shown up in your life, just think of it as a loud message from your body telling you it needs to be supported, in a new and better way.If there are symptoms in your life that you are experiencing, stop trying to find a label to attach to the illness before you take steps to better health. I believe there are infinite paths to wellness but the basic steps to wellness are the same.The first step is to decide what your "health goal" is. What do you want your life to be like?Two: Health is a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical balance.Health goals need to be made in all four areas of our health, because what affects us in one area of our lives often shows up in another. It usually isn't until it shows up in the physical, that we take notice and start to take action.I coach people to find new positive lifestyle changes that will support their health goals and that they feel they can commit to for a 90 day period (most habits take 90 days to engrain in our system).The lifestyle changes you make in your life do not have to be drastic. I am not a chemist but I do know that if you change even one ingredient, in a formula, you will get a different result. Even the smallest, positive, lifestyle change you make will bring you better results, over time.Also, positive lifestyle changes Do NOT have to cost money so stop putting them off, until you can afford them. For example, if you have a weight loss goal you could make changes as slight as these:Walk everyday for 15 minutes, instead of waiting to be able to afford a gym membership.Skip the french fries when you order your Value Meal, instead of waiting to join Jenny Craig.Do an exercise for yourself right now. Write down a health goal you have, and think of three things that you can do that would be a positive step towards that goal. These are physical actions. Then think of three things that you can do to positively impact your mental, emotional & spiritual well being.Make sure steps you write down are things that you can see yourself committing to for ninety days and then write a positive affirmation, intention, or mission statement. Whatever you choose to call the final result.Here is an example:I am joyfully improving my physical health by walking 15 minutes a day. I have replaced my emotional eating patterns, by spending more time with supportive people and making time to volunteer. Each day I write down the things I am grateful for, which feeds my spirit . I make a list each night, before I go to bed, of the things I need to accomplish which frees my mind and helps my sleep.Find examples that work for you! This is what I do when health coaching. I help you design a new plan for life that embraces healthy new habits. I do not tell you what you should do, but give you ideas on what you possibly could do and then point you in a positive direction. The rest is up to you.This whole process needs to be FUN for you. I believe that until you find changes that excite and resonate with will continue to put them off.If you are the type of person that needs accountability to stay on track, think about forming a Health Coaching circle of 3-4 friends, who also want to make new lifestyle changes. Then hold each other accountable, on a weekly group phone call or meeting. It is much harder to avoid your action steps when others are involved and committed to helping you achieve your goals.Another way to get motivated, is to start thinking TODAY of what interest you have been wanting to explore and have put off, due to your current health situation. What about classes you have wanted to take or places you want to visit?For health tips look at books, videos or CD's that relate to health and pick the ones that you can't wait to get into. Prevention magazine is an abundant source of ideas, if you can get past the prescription advertisements.Also, ask healthy friends for ideas of what they do to stay in good health. They may want company for the healthy activities they are involved in and it's great to have mentors.I want you to JUMP at this chance for a new and healthy life. It's waiting out there for you! If I can do anything to help you, just call, but honestly YOU are the one who can help YOU the most.To contact Elodia visit© Copyright 2004-2005 Elodia Tate all rights reserved. Permission to reprint granted with full article reprint, author credit and a link back to my site.