Thursday, October 31, 2013

Visible Beauty on the Inside and Outside

Beautiful is beautiful! There's no other way to put it. You can say that beauty and the desire for it is universal and intrinsic. Everyone wants to be beautiful and ever since the dawn of time (or whenever capitalism began), business men and marketers have all used that want to get ahead in the game, making millions if not billions along the way. It's a billion dollar business and I think everyone knows and agrees with this.Looking at all the beautiful people you're seeing on movies and television right now, we all want to be them. Well, probably not all of them as there are the occasional hiccups that you see on screen that arguably might not deserve to be there for one reason or another. But the point is, this is a marketing ploy yet again. It sends the message that being beautiful equals being popular, loved, admired and universally liked for lack of a better term.Sure, it may not be an absolute rule of law but like it or not, that is how people see it and it's been like that forever. It's a symbiotic relationship that the beautiful people on screen have with the businessmen, infomercials and tele-marketers promoting their beauty products. Like I said, this is a selling point directed towards the masses, the regular people. It aims to tell us 'Hey look at us, we're living the life. You want to be like us? Then pay attention because these are the products you need to buy so you'll look half as good as we do. Do it now and stop feeling so bad about yourselves.' in a subtle manner of course.The need to be beautiful is no doubt the root of most commercials and ads that you can see everywhere nowadays, as before. The constant attempt to cater to and innovate on questions of how to be beautiful and how to stay beautiful keep fueling many of today's businesses. And by the way, this is not to say there's anything wrong with that but merely a point out that this is reality and this is what's going on for better or worse. There are definitely many advantages to this type of system. For one, everything that you need and even want tends to become a lot more accessible.These are all true and affirmed statements. No one can deny any of this at this point and no one cares to. Everyone knows that this is the world we live in, even children. And we like it. We like to look beautiful or at least presentable to society as I'd like to put it. There's certainly nothing wrong with that. The only advise that I'd like to point out is that, while it is a universally accepted truth that selling external beauty is a way of living, being beautiful inside is it's counterpart that should not be left behind. That is certainly something that cannot be sold. It's something that is learned and acquired and depends on you and how you do it. It depends on the people you surround yourself with too.I am still optimistic that after all this, visible beauty on the inside still trumps visible beauty on the outside. I add visible to both of them because we can see beauty whether it's the person's character and kindness that attracts us to them or how stunning they look on the outside that simply draws us in. That's the whole point of us noticing them in the first place, because they're all visible, whatever form they're in. You can say that visible beauty on the inside, while more important, also needs more work to gain and maintain. That's a whole 'nother topic, one for the books. As for visible beauty on the outside, that's something we can work on right now with the help of those pesky infomercials and television ads.