Sunday, November 3, 2013

Weight Loss Roadblocks

So you've been in the gym 4 or 5 times a week and are eating properly.  Things are going well and you are starting to see some solid results.  You want to keep the momentum going and stay away from "roadblocks"...the little things that can really wreak havoc in your workout program.Here's a few roadblocks for you to watch out for.  Knowing them will help you to stay on track with your fitness & weight loss goals...1) Sugary drinks: Sodas, juices & sugar in your favorite beverages can hurt your weightloss results.  Instead, look to water.  Make sure you keep your body hydrated & drink your 8 glasses a day.  If you get dehydrated, especially when you're working out, your body will likely retain water in places you'd rather it NOT!2) Being TOO strict with your diet: Small indulgences every once in a while are a good thing. A little reward here and there can go a long way in helping your weightloss efforts.  Just watch out for frequency and quantity.  3)Not watching portion sizes: One great way to watch portion sizes is to purchase the "one serving" 100 calorie packages.  This way, you're not mindlessly snacking away on foods.4) Skipping breakfast is a "no-no": Never skip this all important meal of the day.  Doing so will greatly increase your obesity risks.  Breakfast sets the tone for the day and helps to keep your metabolism chugging along.5) Not getting enough rest: You'd be surprised how many people don't get their 8 hours of rest each night.  Also, be sure to allow your muscle groups to rest 24 to 48 hours before working it out again.  Give yourself a couple of days off each week from the gym.  Noone has to workout 7 days a week to get and stay in great shape!  It's all the little things that will make the difference in your fitness and weightloss efforts!

The Top 5 Calorie Shifting Secrets to Faster Weight loss

If you are overweight it may be for 1 very simple reason: You're eating the wrong foods in the wrong patterns each day. A new successful dieting concept has emerged called "Calorie Shifting". Read on to learn the best 5 ways to harness this technique for guaranteed weight loss.#1 Understand the Calorie Shifting ConceptYour body always "attempts" to burn the exact number of calories that you eat each day. A build up of fat tissue occurs when it can't manage to burn all the calories that have been intaken. For many people this is the prime cause of weight gain. By following special eating patterns that "trick" the body into burning more calories you can effectively cause your body to burn more fat tissue to lose Lbs.#2 Set Rational GoalsIt is important for you to manage your expectations. The more excess weight you have the more rapid your weightloss will be. If you are only slightly overweight then you may just need to lose a few pounds to become slim. If you are several pounds overweight then you should expect your rate of weightloss to be higher. Average figures quoted for good programs are around 9lbs every 11 days.#3 Follow Your Calorie Shifting Diet Regimen CloselyIf you are participating in a good calorie shifting program you should really focus on following the plans laid out for you. It is crucial to maintain your "fat burning" eating patterns to lose those pounds! Fortunately, If you get bored with the menus most good programs have diet generator tools to create a whole new meal plans to keep your motivation high!#4 Take responsibility yourselfFollow the meal plans & recipes and prepare your own meals. You are the number 1 person responsible for your success! Don't let negative people push you off course (quite often they want to see you fail). Track your progress and give the program time to deliver results. Allow support from people genuinely interested in your success.#5 Drink plenty of waterWater provides a number of key weightloss benefits and assists the process. You should aim to drink at least 8 glasses a day. Water helps regulate the appetite and increases metabolism. Other advantages include boosting energy, alleviating headaches & releasing toxic waste products. Water will also improve the health of your skin.If you follow these principles with a good calorie shifting program then anybody overweight can become slim. One of the great advantages of calorie shifting is that you have a wide range of healthy foods to choose from so you won't feel miserable. This means your chance of success is much higher!